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Scharwenka Forum

The Scharwenka Forum is in the process of reconstruction, its start as a forum depends on the completion of the reconstruction and the re-dedication of Scharwenka house (about January 2014).

In addition to maintaining the legacy of Xaver Scharwenka and his brother Philipp Scharwenka within a Music Museum, a broad cultural program is planned. The function room, with about 70 seats including podium and a grand piano, can be quickly reconfigured into a conference or meeting room with tables. As such, for example, it provides a place for local clubs to hold their meetings.

The first floor is used for exhibitions and will include compressed previous presentations of the Spa Promotion Society on the history and personalities of the region.

It will create better conditions for garden concerts and it will be possible to individually experience music selected at the counter by headphones with limited catering in the garden or the house or to use the inventory of the special library or archive.

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D-15526 Bad Saarow
Moorstraße 3
Tel: +49 (0) 33631 599245